5 Fall Hikes and Trails in Henderson That Your dog Will Love

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When you want a change of scenery from your dog’s typical walk around the block, dog friendly park trails in Henderson NV can be great alternatives to shake things up. If you live in the area, we’ve got a list of five dog friendly parks and trails with more details below.

Bark Park

With a name like “Bark Park,” it’s not hard to see why this park is one of the first choices for many dog owners to go for a pleasant stroll in the Henderson, NV region. Located at Henderson, Nevada’s Heritage Park, this place is openly dog friendly and designed with playful pooches in mind. Spanning five whole acres, this park has plenty of space for different dogs to spread out.

River Mountains Loop Trail

For more of a hiking experience than a casual stroll or brisk jog, the River Mountains Loop Trail is a great Henderson NV dog friendly hiking trail. Whether you’re starting the trail in Henderson, Boulder City, or Lake Meade, you’re in for a challenging but rewarding hike when you go on this trail.

Dogs are allowed at this site as long as they are kept on a leash and any mess is whisked away before you go. As you hike, you can take in beautiful views of the Hoover Dam and River Mountains surrounding the thirty-four miles of trail.

Cactus Wren Dog Park

For a no-frills dog walking experience, check out the Cactus Wren Dog Park at 2900 Ivanpah Dr, Henderson, NV, US, 89074. This dog park comes equipped with a special area for small breeds, so they don’t feel overwhelmed by the bigger dogs. It is also an off-leash dog park, so your pup can play to their hearts’ content without restrictions (just remember to pack water bowls for your precious pooch).

Capriola Park

For a park that’s fun for the whole family – including your fluffy pup – Capriola Park is a great option. This park has on-leash walking areas and an off-leash section where you can let the dogs out on their own to explore. It’s open every day from six in the morning to ten o’clock in the evening, so you’ll have plenty of time to relax or get riled up with your pooch before heading home.

Esselmont Dog Park

If you plan on taking your dog for a walk at night, Esselmont Dog Park is a fantastic choice. This dog park comes equipped with lights for nighttime walks and an off-leash area, so dogs can run to their hearts’ content even if you can’t keep up with their shenanigans.

What is the best dog friendly trail in Henderson NV?

If you want to go hiking, the best dog friendly trail in Henderson, NV is the River Mountains Loop Trail for its lovely views and pet-friendly policies. If you just want a place for your dog to stroll that’s designed with canines in mind, the Bark Park is your best bet.

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