10 Paw-some Stocking Stuffers for Your Dog

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With Christmas just around the corner, everyone, including your dog, is excited about getting presents. To inspire some ideas about what to buy your dog for Christmas, we have prepared a list of dog friendly stocking stuffers.

1. Puzzle Toys

Puzzle toys are the best stocking stuffers for dogs. They come in different forms. Usually, your dog is required to solve the problem or puzzle by retrieving hidden treats or smaller toys. The play stimulates the dog’s brain as he works out how to get to the hidden treasures. Great for training and enrichment.

2. Plushie Toys

Plush toys make safe stocking stuffer ideas for dogs. These come in many adorable shapes and sizes, and most dogs love to have their favorite plush toy to drag around the house. They are great game starters. You can throw them for your dog to fetch, use them for cuddle time, or make them prized possessions in a “tug-of-war” game.

3. DIY Dog Stocking Stuffers

You can make a present for your dog yourself. For instance, cut your old T-shirt into strips and braid them into a rope. Your dog will treasure the toy that smells like you and provides hours of interactive fun tugging and chewing.

4. Safe Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Dogs

If safety is important when choosing a Christmas present for your pup, you should consider giving a gift that will provide hours of fun and bonding time. Nothing will help keep your dog as safe as a new harness, collar, or lead.

5. Delicious Christmas Snacks

Everyone gets their favorite treats at Christmastime. Pick some of your dog’s favorite snacks to stuff in their stocking. Your dog will love to tuck into something delicious.

6. Bowls for Paw-some Mealtimes

Spoil your dog with a bowl that has its name on it. It is especially useful for people who own more than one dog. With their names spelled out clearly on the bowl, everyone will know which kibble is for whom.

7. Chewy Toys

Power chewers will love toys that they can sink their teeth into. You can surprise them with a Nylabone chew that can safely exercise their jaws without fear of bone splinter injuries. Many flavors are available, so you can choose the one your pup loves to keep them coming back for more.

8. Dog Attire

Christmas is a great time to buy your dog a new vest or parka if you live in a cold climate. They can strut their stuff on the coldest days, all warm and snuggly in their outfits. Or, for those who live in warmer states, your pup may want a cute bandana to help them get into the Christmas spirit.

9. Something Special for Cuddles

Everyone is at home at Christmas, and snuggling on the couch becomes a favorite pastime. Make it extra special for your dog by gifting him a new snuggly blanket to nest on the couch. The blanket is a great idea to keep your couch free of dog hair and scratches.

10. A New Bed

This Christmas, upgrade your dog’s resting spot. He will appreciate a more comfy bed that supports his bones and joints and provides hours of restful sleep, so he is ready for more play.

After reading this list, I’m sure you have a better idea about the best stocking stuffers for dogs. Have fun when you choose your favorite. Merry Christmas, Everyone.

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