Spring Allergies In Dogs – Causes Symptoms & Treatment

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Spring Allergies In Dogs – Causes Symptoms & Treatment

As the weather gets warmer, trees and flowers start to release pollen into the air. This can cause a variety of allergy symptoms for dogs. The best way to prevent and treat spring season allergies is to limit your dog’s exposure. This includes limiting their time outdoors and keeping them away from flowering grasses, plants and trees.


Just as in people, dogs can develop allergies that affect their skin, ears, and paws. Spring allergy symptoms can appear all over your dog’s body, including the nose, ear canals, throat, back of the head, abdomen, and paws. If your dog is itching and scratching, licking their paws excessively, and losing hair from the ears and face, it’s time to see the vet!


Spring is usually the time of year when sneezing, itchy eyes and runny noses are most common. Unfortunately, these allergy symptoms can also affect your dog. Allergies can be triggered by many things, including certain foods, chemicals, fragrances, and environmental pollutants. A common type of allergy is atopy, or an allergic reaction to allergens such as tree and grass pollens, weed pollens, molds, mildew and house dust mites. Symptoms of atopy in dogs include itchy skin (pruritus) and scratching and biting. Some dogs with allergies may even develop itchy bumps, known as hives, which can appear anywhere on the body.


Fortunately, there are many options for treating spring allergies in dogs. These may include allergy serum injections, oral medications, anti-itch medication and immune response modulating drugs. Your dog’s vet can diagnose seasonal allergies based on your dog’s history, a complete physical examination and a variety of diagnostic tests. They will also refer you to a specialist veterinary dermatologist for skin testing if necessary. Managing allergy symptoms and avoiding flare-ups will help your dog stay healthy, comfortable and reduce the risk of more serious problems down the road.

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